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Natural stone

Natural stone, like any other natural material, has unrepeatable attributes, being always a unique creation of nature. Furthermore, a stone, as a natural product, provides a guarantee of a high quality for many years. Its purpose is to enhance a living space and environment and make it exceptional and original.


Natural material, crystalline rock of magmatic origin with grainy structure. Exceptionally persistent material with low absorbency and high hardness. Possibilities of surface treatment ?polishing, grinding, flaming (anti-slip treatment), sanding. Exterior and interior application ?tiles, slabs, desks, gravestones....


Natural material, sedimentary rock of carbonate structure, turned to a marble character after recrystallization. This material is relatively softer, more absorbent than granite and generally less resistant. Possibilities of surface treatment ?polishing, grinding, sanding. Interior application ?tiles, slabs, desks.

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